About Us

Double Eagle Consulting is a service disabled veteran-owned small business that is based on our core values and a commitment to our clients and people. Steve Pimpo is a former Navy Supply Officer and has over 29 years of leadership, business development and consulting experience gained from working for several "Big Four" consulting firms. The Double Eagle name and logo have a variety of meanings that combine to tell our story.


  • The Eagle is the symbol of the United States and represents the U.S. Military, patriotism and strength. It is focused, swift and determined to succeed. 
  • A "double eagle" is the best score that can be achieved in golf and is extremely rare. In golf as in business, we strive to help our customers become the best that they can be. And like a good caddy in golf, we partner with our customers, getting to know them in an intimate way, and build a strong and complementary relationship built on trust and shared vision.
  • Eagles don't normally "flock" together. The ability to get eagles to work together is something extraordinary. We help organizations and teams strengthen relationships and work together to achieve shared vision and common goals.





Stephen J. Pimpo, Principal

Phone: (410) 903-1548

Email: sjpimpo@doubleeagleconsult.com

Linked In: linkedin.com/in/stephenpimpo